provides a complete summarization of the laws enacted, state by state and federally, to regulate Appraisal Management Companies. In one convenient package, you will have quick access to a concise outline of the requirements pertaining to AMCs in that jurisdiction.

With our summary, you may easily monitor your company’s compliance with state and federal law. We have scoured states’ laws, administrative codes, and appraisal board rules in order to develop a quick reference guide – to accurately compile a similar outline would require a substantial investment of time!

Receive full access to all the resources available in the subscriber pages for $525. The initial purchase price includes 3 months' use of the website, and the ability to download or print all the content, including a PDF that combines the entire collection into one document - making it easy to save the materials for your reference at any time. A monthly subscription of $50 per month extends access to the website, and access to updated materials.

Does   have what you are looking for? We would be happy to provide a sample state summary to help answer that question.

Concise summaries of each state's laws, regulations, or board rules

Charts outlining the registration and renewal dates for each states

Reference guide providing a comparison of key requirements

Checklist of what NOT to do – outlining actions AMCs are prohibited from taking

Chart of exemptions listing the situations or entities that are excluded from each state’s registration requirements

Applications and other forms that states have made available

Chart of “Hidden Fees” – the additional cost of doing business in other states due to foreign registration fees

Resources that are updated weekly, or even daily, so you will always have access to current requirements

Notes, tips and updates on the status of each state’s registration process