is a product of the flurry of activity toward establishing of legislation, regulation, and registration requirements for Appraisal Management Companies.

In 2009, a few states passed legislation requiring registration and adherence to new guidelines for appraisal management companies. The following year brought the number of states regulating AMCs to over eighteen. In August of 2010, the AMC Legislation and Regulation Summary was developed to pull together and summarize available information about these new laws. The launch of the Summary met with a resoundingly positive reception, and satisfied subscribers have praised the materials found on as having made the compliance process more efficient.

Updated continuously since August 2010, has kept an eye on the laws and regulations passed to govern appraisal management companies. It is now 2020, and we are busier than ever keeping up with the changes affected AMCs. The resources provided can assist you in assessing and monitoring your company's compliance with state and federal laws.